Saturday, September 12, 2009

AW stubbornness cost us dearly

i will keep it simple and direct this time. AW knew injuries kept us away from any title last season, and this summer we had the chance to change the course, but AW denied the opportunity. we could have added 2 or 3 more players but insisted on keeping his injury-prone players and forego adding reinforcements. and now what happens? we ARE lagging behind league leaders. yeah you’re right AW, we are well equipped but that if you count everyone is on the sideline. damn!

Ade scored tonight and he clearly pleased with it, thus he made such lengthy run toward Gooners’ section and showed his new shirt, which of course put everyone on fire. his side of story is well doubted, but it had set bleak mood in the Arsenal camp therefore our hatred toward him, would be much understandable now rather than previous days. his manner tonight was questionable considering he was an Arsenal player several months ago. anyone would have done the same? unlikely. he’s a selfish player indeed

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