Monday, October 05, 2009

Becks is included in England team

it’s been a while since i blog about anything that happened in football. first thing first, DB is in the team, but it is still remains to be seen whether he can make it to the bench. with both SWP and Aaron Lennon available, it is highly unlikely he can be picked ahead of those much young player. moreover, he is still suffering from recurring ankle problem. prior to the match, DB will be analyzed by the FA doctors and the result will determine his availability. anyway, someone wrote a blog about DB involvement in MLS and how has his 3rd season come by so far.

joined the team after few matches played, he has since influenced LA Galaxy to winning ways and for the fist time since his debut, the club entitle to play offs. would they win the MLS cup this season? no one knows for sure. with the end of the season seemingly inevitable, DB must make this a story of his own. win a cup will certainly boost his chance to be back to everyone’s heart at the Depot Centre; not that, he needs to care but i believe deep down inside he wants to win something for the club. that’s why he had been brought into the club in the first place.

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