Friday, September 04, 2009

David Beckham

he is such an inspiring figure indeed and this time, i have a written proof to back up my words and they are real y’know. anyway, i’m looking forward to see him playing at Wembley during 2 international matches for England. they will face Croatia next week and everyone is anxious to see whether or not England can make it through this time. back in 2007, England lost to Croatia had closed down any hope to for them to play in the biggest tournament in Europe which was, EURO 2008. and now, different coach same squad facing the same enemy, Croatia. will they make a difference? we’ll see.

that kick

i am half certain that David Beckham will only be playing in the dying minutes and not starting as some people have suggested. this is due to fiery rivalry between him and a much younger player, Lennon. Lennon is currently favorite to replace Walcott in the right wing; with his demon pace, he will attract Capello’s attention for sure; nevertheless, David B need not to worry because his experience is still much needed to the team itself.

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