Friday, September 04, 2009

what is this?

about 2 days ago, i was saying to myself that should any attempt of ‘trick’ to get a penalty from any player from other clubs have been granted by the referee by mistake, we would make it public of our displeasure and bring it to UEFA’s attention of our intention. however, my hope certainly smashed after reading a blog by Arsenal mania which saying that UEFA is not keen to implement a video evidence as their ‘tool’ to punish a player for ‘tricking’ a referee and get a penalty as his reward. what a PATHETIC losers!. pardon my language, apart from this entry i have not stated a strong word before, and this is due to my understanding that some of you might find them offensive and ridiculous. but today was a such a different time from yesterday. UEFA has crossed the line and proving time and time again that it has failed to clear any doubts among doubters that it is credible enough to rule European football under its wing. its inconsistencies have brought us at the exact same spot where AW has made a clear statement that Ryan Babbel was diving and his penalty should have been annulled; and this was happened under their nose. we should have made it harder for Liverpool to win the match, but that’s not the point. did UEFA intervene the referee’s decision and punish Babble for a dive? no it did not.

Arsenal have been robbed and it is only right for us to go against this decision. thank God, Arsenal boards are backing up AW to a very great distant. UEFA seems failed to see the fact that Arsenal had 2 away goals advantage and there was no way Celtic could have been better in position to challenge Arsenal’s result. when this issue has been brought up by UEFA itself, i was thinking why on earth did they act in such haste and pace?. there is a fact that Scotland have an influence somehow to the football governing body and the recent decision is thought to have been passed after considering Arsenal’s opposition at that time was Celtic, a Scottish club. i will possibly comment this later on. till next post

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