Tuesday, September 08, 2009

DB might be benched

i don’t know how reliable Daily Mail is, but i have no choice but to run it in my blog. some expect DB will start from the bench, yet again, and Capello would go with Lennon instead. is this alarming? not to me. though it is yet to be finalized, Lennon seems has caught Capello’s heart and might go with him in the right wing and let him run into defence line like he usually does. as disappointed as i might be, i still have high hopes DB can make a difference on the field.

i read a comment from an article and it did not sound pleasing. he thought that DB’s career has ended and his absence on Saturday tells us all. i hate to say this; indeed DB is facing tough competition from many players including SWP, Lennon and Walcott to name a few, but it doesn’t stop Capello from choosing him among other RW.he still possesses those magnificent crosses as well as free kicks and England can take advantage from it. why on earth people are busy talking about his absence instead of Rooney attempt to con the ref? why, of course because of he’s an England hope to make to finals!.

the person also said that DB has accustomed to his role as benchwarmer and his caps are basically come from cameo appearances and not as starting player. well, what happens to the word of ‘super sub’ ? those newspapers were the ones who made it all so real and have been branding Lennon as super sub since last WC. substitutes have not always made an impact but they are indeed capable of over turning a result, therefore never ever downplay a substitute role.

anyway, Becks is not ruling out a move to premier league club if necessary in order to remain in Capello’s plan for WC 10. however, even after a loan move he’s still not selected, it doesn’t stop him from supporting his country to win WC10. a rare species he is.

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