Tuesday, September 08, 2009

hurray!!! DB is in the defense for E9!

when DB was a captain few years back, he had done more than average captains do. Hargreaves, Seaman were the two most hated players several years back and DB had done enough to defend these two from everyone’s crucifying glance. Seaman was famously known for his error during WC 2002 by letting Ronaldinho free kick went into the back of the net far too easily. and what had the captain done to smooth things up? he defended his goal keeper and urged public not to blame him for the loss. 4 years later, it was Hargreaves’ turn. i still don’t understand why would England fans have been really mean to the English player since he had done nothing to offend them in any way and had always been grateful to be part of the team. well, at times i really don’t understand them more than you do. my sister has a theory though; she said sentiment against an English player who plays abroad is a lot higher than those who choose to play in the premier league. she was right and now i believe her. for some reasons, they booed Hargreaves instead of supporting him. at least, one of them stood out and refused to back down; he was David Beckham. he bravely said to those meaners that every English should support English players and that including Hargreaves. he played for England and everyone should stand behind his back no matter what. i guess captain’s words are much more capable than a PM himself talking to his people. no more ugly words, only little that is, came out from them and Hargreaves felt really gracious to have been defended in such a way that no one else wouldn’t. i bet JT will never dare to say such things; he’s no example to younger players.

today is the same thing like the other day. DB offered his opinion on E9 incident and gladly spat it out. he thinks that the incident has been too much in the discussion forum and need to be put to bed. no one likes to see a dive but it happens in football and certainly E9 isn’t the first one to do it. he has been through a horrific injury and there might have been a possibility that he might have tried to escape from the goal keeper arms instead of making a dive. he’s the man!. i’ve been trying to tell this over and over again but instead of laying it off it seems more people are getting into. that’s the reason i adore and respect this man so much. some people may ridicule me for admiring him, but the facts stand out by themselves. no matter how agonizing Real Madrid treated him in the past, he still hold his head up high and refused commenting on his former club.  i guess that’s why AW admires him; top professional they say and not many these days. GO BECKHAM!

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