Sunday, October 11, 2009

Becks out

I am not too sure about Becks involvement currently in England camp. He's only been brought in only bcoz Capello needs someone to cross the ball in the dying minutes. My thought was DB wouldn't be in the bench at all and I was right. He wasn't picked and Capello went instead with Lennon instead. I've mentioned before that with 2 much younger players, it is highly unlikely Capello will go for DB.

It is HT and England are trailing with one goal and one man too. Green was red carded due to his own negligence. And now with only 10 men, Capello needs to turn this around. My bet is England will get a draw with Lampard as the scorer, but I could be wrong.

I still piss bout DB exclusion and Heskey involvement. His the least favorite player in the England squad apart from Rooney and his 45 mins performance showed nothing but failure. Why does Capello love him so much? Figure out yourself. The match is about to start, till later
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