Sunday, October 11, 2009

Becks might be overlooked once more

Say, Capello would go for Heskey once again this Wednesday, he's definitely out of his mind. The commentators clearly pitied Heskey bcoz of the sending off Green, but personally I think Heskey had been out of form since the beginning of the game. He was barely involved in the defense and certainly looked tired even before the half time. Why would Capello stand behind this striker who hasn't scored in the premier league and set aside a credible candidate such as C. Cole? Only he knows the real reason. Owen was snubbed months ago bcoz of his lack of play; but what makes Heskey any difference when he plays but not once scores any goal?. Well, if DB got his expulsion, Heskey should get the boot as well. Mind you, that I've not been a fan of Heskey since ages ago and still believe Cole and Owen should get more play time. Shame on you Capello.

One question remains now, had green not been so foolish and confront Ukrainian striker that made him red carded, would England have been more ferocious than the result shown?. Well, way before the sending off, I was cursing the way Capello's men marching their attack; and even made cruel statement about how England would fare amongst the best teams in the words. I even said that had it been Spain or Germany, England would have eventually conceded. I said many things, but I believe my words are true and come from the deepest of my heart. What I said was based on what I saw on the field. I don't regret what I said. Contrary to anyone's belief, I think England will face many difficulties in the WC especially confronting big guys
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