Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tough nut

This Wednesday Arsenal will face Le'pool in the Carling cup quarter final. And as previous experiences, the coach will field his best young players during league cups, instead of the regular guys. Most of the fans are still nursing from the wound we had on weekend. Some say, it was worst than losing to ManU but I think it's another routine for Wenger's boys in a process we all very familiar with; it's called, learning. This is a young side which has yet to learn to retain a win. We are so used to be beaten in recent years, therefore defending seems a bit classy for us. I may sound harsh, but in reality it is a fact. 3 days before the WH match, Arsenal were slapped right in the face when AZ Alkmaar coming from behind and snatched a late equalizer enabling them to get a point at home.

Arsenal were 2 goals up before the half time and were supposedly came home with full points. And when everyone thought the game was completely over with 3 points already in the bag, their city rivals ruined the early celebration by scoring 2 goals. How could a bunch of professional players let it happen?. This time no excuse Wenger, you have to tell those boys that we're playing a TRUE football here and in order to survive, we have to be tough and precise at the same time. What makes Barcelona so fruitful in terms of producing result? Yes, they have confident and reliable midfield players. They play like a football team should be, whereas Arsenal are totally the opposite.

Defending is twice difficult compared to winning it. Have you heard World Cup champions winning the cup in two consecutive term? NO. Preserving 2 goals can't be that difficult, can it? No, it can be for Wenger's boys. I'm still gutted as well as annoyed.

What did the coach say post match? The boys are still learning, ladies and gentlemen; give them some time to adjust. Freaking mad you are coach. I'm sorry for my language but I do think this time you're wrong. It is time for you to punch those boys right in the face and give them no time to relax. It's a job they should get it done and get it right for our sake!. Diaby and Song should be benched and look to other place in order to strengthen our midfield. It looks like mine hole to me. Fix it coach, coz we have very little time.
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