Monday, October 26, 2009

Messed up

I didn't write preview match because of a simple reason: I want to enjoy my weekend as much as I can. Today was supposed to be the perfect weekend for me, but instead it turned out to be a nightmare. Everything was perfect except the Arsenal match.

Few hours before it started, I watched the big Sunday game between Le'pool and ManU. I was happy with the result which could have given some breathing space for Arsenal to catch up. But instead of getting full points, we let WH equalized and with only a point in the bag. We were lucky enough not to lose any point at Fratton Park. We were obviously lack of pace and creativity in the 2nd half in which we should have gone to score more goals instead of giving opponents reasons to attack us. We looked unorganized at times with Diaby busy losing the ball rather than picking up the pieces. Both Cesc and Arshavin did not look at their best and clearly overrun by WH midfield. We were careless by letting the opponent dominate possession and ransacking our own half.

At the end of first half, we were leading by 0-2. If it had been Chelsea, the score line would have not gone downward but the opposite. Man, I crossed the line but I know I am right. Among other big clubs in premier league, our midfield is the most fragile and soft. Song and Diaby aren't true DM, therefore their involvement in the centre remains a big question. We are slow to get back and often get caught up in the counter attack, thus keeping a clean sheet is almost an impossible task.

If you're talking about chances we had plenty of them and too bad not one of them saw the daylight. Sometimes, scrappy goal is better than none. But conceding scrappy goal isn't an option. Mannone failed to clear, Cole was there to hold it. It wasn't a nice one, but enough to make thousands of Arsenal fans howling because of anger. For your information, we had the same fate against AZ Alkmaar in the mid week. Could we win trophies? Possibly, but not with this kind of attitude. Win or lose is the art of football; losing with pride isn't degrading. What we're experiencing now is downward negativity.

Song and Diaby must learn to act quick and swift to combat opponent's centre attack. They run like camels.

Both goals from WH were evidence from our own carelessness. The penalty should have been annulled since Coles was not impeded by Song. But the big debate lies on the 1st goal. Our defence was caught off guard and foolishly made a tackle right at the edge of penalty area. Free kick was harmless but the clearance was even more dangerous. Mannone should have kept the ball clear by punching it away instead of handed it over to ravenous Cole. If you think those two goals happened in a very short period of time, you're wrong. Arsenal had 45 minutes to answer it, but failed to convert any attempts into the winning goal.

If we don't start pick ourselves up, we won't be able to win anything this season and our star players might just say 'sayonara' next summer. Wenger should do something with his midfield soldiers. Get down with the boys and let them know that premiership is about pace and agility. If they don't cover their back, who's going to?. Be tough and accurate. Make sure their tackles are precise and clean. A different day, a different referee Song could have been easily sent off for his stupid tackles. And make sure they do their homeworks. Don't talk in public about wanting to win trophies, if you do very little on the field. Prove it
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