Monday, November 02, 2009

The result: Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur

We conquered one of our archest rivals in history and claiming 3 points to stay on third in the league. Most of the fans wouldn't have thought 3 goals plus a cleansheet could've been attained from a derby. With current form, Tot have been able to slip past through Le'pool and sit comfortably on the 4th spot. But last night was the key to unlock our crisis from battering match last week.

Though we had not played very well especially in the 1st half, the home fans clearly gave Arsenal something to cheer about. Contrary to usual cheers, the fans singing their heart out till the end of the game. I have always been upset by the way Gooners behave themselves on the stadium. Yes, we have one of the most conducive atmosphere in England but it doesn't mean we should just keep quiet and relax forgetting about the team we support playing really hard on the field. Come on you Gooners, let's cheer our players from now on.

Back into the game; Arsenal came out very different on the 2nd half and really pushing hard on the other side of the field. With all that another goal was able to produce through RVP effort.

From what I heard, Keane was talking crap about Tot being in the same league as Arsenal and ready to de thrown their city rivals from 3rd spot. Well, at times it should be better if you just keep your mouth shut. I remember in the earlier season, when O'Shea was commenting on Burnley and clearly wanting to 'teach' the recently promoted side a lesson about premier league; Unfortunately for him, Burnley ended up being the winner for the match while ManU were left with nothing but their shirts and pants.

A lesson to learn indeed for everyone. Thank God our players rarely speak evil before a match starts.
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