Monday, November 30, 2009

Stupid, again

I don't know whether I can write something coherent after last night ugly result. Once again, we looked promising in the beginning but crushing down in the end. Some people were blaming the last 2 goals to goalkeeper, Almunia who apparently had done well despite his recent hiccups. Honestly, the defence looked worrying, especially rookie Traore, but I have much more fear toward our attacking boys. At times Cesc was looking rather slow to pump his creative passes to front men, Eduardo & Arshavin and looking rather awkward in last minutes. And he wasn't the one who clearly out of tune. Eduardo was simply restless being Van Persie's deputy up front and not once his shot troubled nearly-perfect Chelsea goal keeper, Petr Cech. He was clearly unable to control the ball and most of the time out of pace to compete with JT and Carvalho.

When we look a lot closer, the main problem isn't our defence. Yes, we had certain problems handling in-form strikers, Drogba and Anelka and at times we were too lenient, but that didn't contribute to our loss yesterday. Our boys dominated really well with some entertaining play shown by them making it a lot more champions than others had thought. But whenever they were close enough to score, they eventually pass the ball back to someone else who clearly not in a position to score which in turn send it once more at someone further behind and ended at our own half; this is ridiculous.

Honeymoon was over before it had even started. I can't say further because the more I think about it the more frustrated I'm getting. In short, the coach need to buy 2 players at least in order to safeguard our chances to win any title this season. Whoever says we don't need a CF is terribly wrong. Yes, B52 will be fit come January but it doesn't mean we're guaranteed a safe place at top 4 on table. Threats are coming from every angle and most recently from out city Rivals, Totenham Hotspur. And we must keep in mind that African Cup is there and will definitely spoil our mood. Eboue, and Song won't be available and losing the latter is going to be disaster for the team and the coach himself.

The question is, will he buy?
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