Monday, March 15, 2010

DB32 injured

I couldn't believe my eyes when I came across an article saying that David Beckham may have to skip WC dream after sustaining ligament injury yesterday. My heart was crushed to pieces knowing that he needs to undergo surgery in order to safe his career.

Why did it happen to him not any England player? He had a worrying injury back in 2002 just before WC and today he sustained another one with only 3 months away from WC.

Right before the moment he injured his ligament, many people had had strong believe that Becks had successfully booked a ticket to South Africa despite his golden age. Though Capello has never mentioned anything publicly, pundits are convinced Beckham's inclusion in final 23 squad member is not in doubt. However, with this new long term injury he's suffering, his chances are slim.

Last year, Beckham once again joined AC Milan for 6 month loan in order to let Capello knows he's up for the challenge. However, he fails to secure first team slot due to one reason which is Leonardo. If last season Ancelotti, Milan former coach, was more than happy to use Beckham as many games he could possibly play, Leonardo puts him more as substitute rather than starting XI. But it doesn't stop him from playing his heart out whenever he's given a chance.

It's so sad seeing a dedicated player has to experience such tragedy. If he had been injury-free, I would never had a doubt Capello would certainly put him inside the plane to South Africa this summer. This would be his last bow in the world stage as the most famous football player in the world and boy, how would it be perfect for him to say goodbye with stinging performances before the eyes of hundreds of thousand people. But sadly, it's not meant to be. I have one question in my head, why now and why him?. Life works in strange way and no one can ever undo the past.

May David Beckham ankle surgery goes smoothly and blessed with speedy recovery, amin. Gray day
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