Monday, March 22, 2010

A win

It may not have been our best game, but the boys really put up a fight that truly win the battle. The war for title isn't over, MU have obtained 3 points to be on top and pushed aside Chelsea who collected only 1 point at home. Birmingham City aren't easy opponents to be against with, that's why I'm really worried about our defence. We will face them next week with the absence of Djorou, Vermaelen and Gallas; figure that out yourself.

There were times we were caught on sleeping at the back and allowing West Ham to try get back on the game. Fortunately, we managed to keep the lead. With Sol having his back to back matches, I'm thinking Wenger will rest his veteran CB next week and move Song further back.

Silvestre is available for selection, therefore he'll most likely partnering Song in the centre. Denilson and Diaby will stay in the CM and Fabregas just behind the striker. Nasri had a bit of uneasy movement after had been tackled by a West Ham player but no injury news so far from the coach, so I guess he's doing just fine. Walcott might start but we don't know that just yet as Rosicky is fit too, so we have to wait until Friday to see updates on injuries we're having.

We lost Vermaelen after straight red card he'd received in the first half. As suspected WH came strongly in the absence of 1 player and continuously terrorizing our defence. Sol and Song did well to cover our gaping hole at the back. After I thought would be a very anxious last minutes, we had been granted penalty. Culprit: Matthew Upson dangling hand. Calmly, the captain took it and notched it home.

It wasn't our best display, but like most people say warriors rule them all. The belief made huge difference in the team. Alright, let's do it for Ramsey boys.

My mind is elsewhere, therefore everything that's been written here sound a bit absurd and delusional; too short and incomplete.
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