Tuesday, May 25, 2010

crappy mood and a lot more to follow

the headline shouldn’t determine every article’s content, or should it?. my mood has gone south and i know i’m supposed to be in bed now so my blog will be much more simple today.

it has been roller coaster 2 weeks for Arsenal and especially Arsene Wenger. Barcelona have once again tapped on our door and demand for Cesc to be released. it all began when Cesc gave an interview to Spanish media and what he said has caused major disruption in Arsenal camp. for days media has been reporting non stop on Cesc imminent departure to the Catalan giant. it is funny how these journalists keep adding spices everyday, i’m surprised they aren’t called chefs. more and more sources came into the picture and most recently Cesc’s father. he spoke to a Spanish radio station and begging for Arsenal to understand his son ambition to play for his childhood team. excuse me Sir? are you trying to fool us?. he claims Cesc is looking for speedy transfer so he can go to WC with a relaxed mind. this is one of hell conspiracy from the Spanish side.

actually, no official offer had been tabled not until today, however. another chief of Barca (i don’t remember his name) said he has sent Arsenal a fax, yup! a fax everyone, asking how much will Arsenal value him. well, they got their answer in a flash. if YOU want to get him, give me 80 millions POUNDS which of course being criticized by current president, Joan Laporta. he isn’t willing to spend such huge amount over a player they rate as 30 million pounds. well, you can’t trick us Laporta it is because you CANNOT afford that amount. acquiring David Villa has poked a hole in your pockets and you can’t move around unless you sell a player or two to accommodate your losses and that’s why Ibra and Yaya Toure have been mentioned as potential trade deal. oh come on, if Wenger were to sign a DM he would do so but without your help. Chamakh has signed for us, so there’s no need for Wenger to add another one. if they have their math ability in place, they should realize we’re now armed with 5 strikers. that’s F-I-V-E Laporta, thus send Ibra off coz he’s not our type. perhaps you can try west London.

anyway, nothing has been confirmed yet but still Cesc Fabregas Snr willingness to confront media and declaring his son intention is worrying. we can’t help but to wait. it is agonizing, i know. i won’t blame you if you have successfully bitten off your nails and starting for your toes by the end of the month. i will post my reaction on this tomorrow and how should we act if the deal should take place. cheers….

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