Monday, April 19, 2010

painful defeat

at times i know what will happen in a game right before it has started. last night same thing happened to me when i saw fabianski was handed the start ahead Almunia and Mannone. i could never bring  myself to lay out details of the match that should have been our turning point. having seen MU snatched a late win on their city rivals’ turf proving a dreadful fact to myself: they are truly champions. some of Gooners may slag off my statement here, but deep inside you will realize how flimsy we are in defence especially when we need everything they have in a very grace situation. one thing for sure now: our league title has now really gone down the drain after we had thrown so much hope of catching up with league leaders; 2 goals were meaningless.

another team may have defended 2 goals and may have also ended up with another goal to add in their shopping chart; how did we do to sum up our sour afternoon? well, every Gooner who watched yesterday’s match and know exactly our young players had failed to live up our expectations. don’t be offended, there’s no doubt they have talent, skills and motivation but they lack driving force and passion. they have no idea how to execute a simple past, let alone shoot to a goal. we lose our determination as soon as opponents control possession; and if they already possess the ball the game is already on their hands. our ball movement and concentration have dipped in recent matches especially in away games. we are too lazy to run for the ball and choose shy away from inviting passes.

if we want to win games, we need to feed the ball to the right paths which might eventually lead to a win. it’s a simple concept of football but yet it so difficult for the players to grasp the simple idea. do not lose the ball while in dangerous position lads!. what am i talking about? it’s a piece of trash and i think i deserve an award for writing awful post dedicated to horrible match result. in order for us to win the league now is to hope for both MU and Chels slip and lose all of their remaining matches, which i doubt it will happen, and for us to win every single one left there is.

it hurts and pains when i read match reports or blog posts in my timeline. they all discussing one thing: one more trophy-less season. i sure know Sky will jump on their feet and shout to the world we are out finally. we are suck and i will not defend the players this time coz i know it will be a waste of time. i have defended them and let it sly for hundreds of times and yesterday was my final breath of forgiveness. no more cheers for you if you do not support us back. what would all ardent Gooner say to me? you bitch! you don’t deserve to be on our seat. and i will say “well, you bunch of ignorant have you seen how they play lately? if you have, then you won’t be smacking my face with your attitude right now”. we have been supportive since ages ago and i’m certain we will continue to do so until the end of time, but my question is: will they pay our support back by giving consistent performance and start winning games?. our away results are as awful as burnt brownies and if we don’t see through this madness we will soon be 4th rather than 3rd, not that differ in any way but finishing higher than we had done last season sounds better to me.

honestly speaking, we didn’t deserve a win last night nor a draw. we took too much time to get into Wigan’s half and if we indeed commanded up front the ball would go to a different side of town. pathetic but it happened, so keep your foul words to yourself. once again, we end our season with another disappointment and this time do not blame anyone but ourselves. we had the chance but in the end we blew it. Wenger was right, it proves players are still immature and irresponsible.

i will end my emotional blog here by saying “hey you Arsenal players! stop talking rubbish in the summer; walk the talk. i can’t hear anything about “this is our moment" or “this could be our season and need to start win trophies”. prove us your worth or you’ll see nothing but empty stadium. FEEL OUR ANGER

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