Saturday, January 22, 2011

CB, CB and CB

it is clear ever since the injury of Thomas Vermaelen our top priority is to sign a world class centre back with years of experience but cost us a penny. does it sound a bit off? or is it just me?. no player is cheap these days especially when you put 30 something appearances for a club and netted 25 goals, at least. just look at Dzeko. manshites paid him huge salary which i believe will only lead to another wasteful purchase. hey, i dont undermine his talent but with a player cost a club in that amount, every fan would love to hang him upside down should he fail to impress; i would. most of the times, pressure can be hard which usually lead to failure.

anyway, let’s get back to business shall we?. there are names being paraded around by media and i don’t find them to be quite a replacement for Vermaelen. every corner of fan cafes has strongly advised Wenger to buy high quality (sounds like frying pan) CB but deep down inside i have never believed Wenger would buy someone like Cahill or Samba to temporarily replace Vermaelen. these are types of players who don’t fill in. they are first team players and believe me, not one of them would love to see Koscielny or Djourou play ahead of them. they will not allow these players to stamp out their reputation and will most likely choose to stay with their respective clubs. am i disappointed? no. why should i?. Wenger had confirmed again yesterday that Squillaci would not be far from recovery and would most likely be in the squad next weekend. he also said Song could be deployed as emergency CB and Diaby or Denilson would fit in just fine in the middle. see? how efficient our coach is. don’t blame me, he’s the coach.

we had tried to sign Jagielka in the summer but it broken down due to price offered by Everton. and we would not approach him again unless we lose CBs in the summer. there are names mentioned but i don’t think they’d be as ridiculous as this one. guess what? someone is playing April fool ahead of the month itself. Arsenal is rumoured to try to sign spuds defender, Jonathan Woodgate! merry christmas everybody. i won’t talk about it as it is both rubbish and delusional at the same time. Wenger would NEVER sign someone who can’t even play 2 games a week let alone filling Vermaelen shoes. and the fact that he’s playing for another North London club makes the move sound more silly than Justin Bieber winning Grammy award (let’s hope he doesn’t).

the match is coming in less than 4 hours. i hope everyone is ready and get 3 points we need. i will probably write something before the game and possible line up as well.

till then my lovely Gooners…

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