Saturday, January 22, 2011

key to success

i must whip myself a little harder if i want to keep this blog alive. well, i have skipped writing preview and review for West Ham match which turned out to be one of the best matches we ever produced in the last 2 seasons.

anyway, i am not going to talk about West Ham coz it’s already been done. we won the match pretty convincingly and i’m going to stop at that.

another match has passed. FA Cup match between Arsenal and Leeds United have been won and we are through to 4th round. we will face Hoff-something club and though they may not even playing at the same league as us or Leeds Utd, they cannot be underestimated or belittled for the sake of our own pride. we were proud and felt save when we led Wigan with 2 goals ahead but paid the price and finally lost to them in embarrassing manner. and all Gooners in the world know, that was the day when we gave up on our title bid.

that’s in the past, i won’t let myself crying over something that’s done. we are going to face, well who else than the very club i mentioned above. looks like i have to stick with them for at least few more paragraphs.

we cannot afford to lose and nothing than 3 points is acceptable. i know Arsenal can be sometimes pain in the bottom, but seeing the way we fought our way into 4th round, i can safely say we are different team now. the key is to keep possession in our way and no more sloppy passes. scoring first would endanger us being chased around the pond but i can take 1 goal more than a draw.

we are only 2 points away from Manshites and playing 1 game less than the Eastland club. it means we can topple them if we win this match and 1 game owed to us. i have yet to check our fixture but i can sense we are getting close to one of the title. nothing is fixed yet. anything can happen in football and our chance to win any of the cup is like having Elton John doing concert in China. just kidding.

till tomorrow Goooners. i will try to update whatever comes in my mind. it may be about our CB signing or any other Arsenal related news.

till later…

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