Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Manshites match

the match will begin in few hours. i haven’t had time to sleep so i might be dozing off for a bit and then get ready to watch it with full power. we won the last encounter away with powerful score line; 3 goals without any fight from the Eastland. today, it will be different from them. they have blended in though not quit settle in just yet, they still post great threats to our title hopes. manshites are sitting 2nd with 2 points clear from us, therefore if we want to challenge for the title we must beat them.

i don’t care much about goals, i will stick with 1 goal only. in this kind of game 1 goal might not be enough but it’s even better than getting another than concede at last minute. i hate surprises and i know this game will give me just that. as you all know, our home records has not been good this season and knowing it, i’m sure Mancini will get this fact embedded on his team’s mind before the match starts.

i have a good feeling for this game but it usually works against me, so yeah i’m a bit stressed out and need my rest before i chew everything and end up in hospital with no handsome nurse. i’m  getting more nervous now. i better be resting.

later Gooners. be ready for something revolutionary, i hope.

before i go, i want to stress out the importance of Nasri and Song in this match. we saw how freely Nasri went forward for the brum match and it paid us handsomely. with Song provided good cover in midfield both Wilshere and Cesc should be our main attacking force in the centre. i don’t know who will start up front but my guts tell me it will be RvP once again. whoever starts, i know he will give all to the team.

Good luck Gunners! love ya till i die

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