Saturday, January 15, 2011

the loss and others in between

by now our loss to Ipswich has gone and buried. every fan in every corner of the globe would never argue how disgusting the match was. i am not talking about the result but the way we approach the game. i won’t be discussing any of it since it has already in the past and no words could undo it unless we are entering Matrix world and make them install a reversing software. but even they could undo it, i don’t think it’d make any difference; our laziness would hurt us twice and i don’t need to see it again.

later today (London time) we will travel to Upton Park to beat our own phantoms. we have not been in good shape since we managed to hammer Chelsea, who are suffering the same sickness as we are. 3 points is the only answer to quash any doubters out there. we have allowed manshites and manure to pull away and stole some precious points from us. West Ham will be looking a win to save them from relegation zone. this will not be easy for us especially after the bitter defeat just 3 days ago. 1 point is enough for West Ham though 3 points is also in their sight.

i have no doubt we will not see major changes from the side. Gibbs, Arshavin and Denilson are players who started against Ipswich and i’m pretty convinced they are not starting today. there is an injury though. Fabianski who has not played in the recent cup matches, has to be sidelined of shoulder injury. Wenger has not stated when he will be available, but i have confidence on Wocj. he is a big guy and most importantly, he is talented and knows his place well.

i can’t wait to watch the game and see whether we are up to the challenge and win important games like champions should. my team line up won’t be much different from other Gooners. here it is:





subs: Shea, Gibbs, Arshavin, Denilson, Chamakh, Bendtner, Rosicky

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