Monday, February 07, 2011

Conspiracy theory

We are in the centre of a war and whatever the outcome will be, we are going to win. Well, at least that's what i got from Arsene Wenger's post match interview. He believes we only dropped 2 points and it has little effect on our title bid.

Indeed, we are only 4 points adrift from manure after embarrasing result on Saturday. That is because manure, who played against Wolves were left dumbfounded and zero points in the bag. But it is not the point. Can you imagine how close we would be to manure if we had stayed 4 goals up until final whistle. But instead, Diaby made a terrible mistake and let him easily provoked by bartonuts ugly tackle which led to his dismissal in the early 2nd half. Okay, it was a horrible one but consequences were so severe, putting your hands up to your opponent was never an option. He was immature and unprofessional for reacting the way he had last Saturday.

How costly it would be to our title bid is yet known. Psychological damage is hard to measure especially when it involves Arsenal. We gave up title chasing as soon as crumbled against tot last season and i fear we will do the same if Wenger is not doing anything. He admits he's more concern on continuing to win after shocking draw rather than his injury list.

Talking about injury, we are now without Djourou. He suffers a suspected knee ligament injury which may leave him out of the season. With Vermaelen still 3 weeks in the sideline, it leaves Squillaci the most logical replacement for him. I'm a little bit worried with this guy. He tends to react slowly and leaves his marked-man standing on his own. That doesn't sound good does it?. We have to bear this situation again this season and i wonder how Wenger feels right now after he stubbornly refused to buy a CB last month.

We are now officially without experienced back ups for our defence. Now let's leave it that way for us to think more about the situation.

Till later Gooners...

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