Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crucial Win

had Arsenal not won last night, every 100 Gooners of 60000 home crowd, would prefer to have their flights cancelled and do thriller dance move right in front of Big Ben. and some others who had watched through telly, would sell their TV set and trade them for hot potatoes. okay, i'm kidding. no one was crazy enough to do it.

anyway, a win against Wolves were much more important than getting 3 points out of Barca game. that was Wenger said a day before the match. and i could not agree more. our last match against Newcastle did not end the way we had planned and left sour taste in every Gooner's heart. 4 goals lead ended up with only a point after a silly reaction from Diaby to bartonuts harsh tackle. so, it's natural for Wenger to be worried and concerned on our progress. psychological damage is hard to mend. i do not need to elaborate on this one. we all know how will it end.

arrived with pride and joy after beating league leaders, manure, Wolves were pressed from the start with Cesc leading the pack agressively. i knew since the start, we were different. i think the boys were trying to prove a point to fans and they successfully had done so. i will not going to write every detail of the game because i'm sure each one of you has had enough of reading a length of blog post so i'm going to describe a gist of it.

one thing i noticed recently, Song has resumed his old duty as proper DM. after had been told to roam forward by Wenger earlier in the season and had unsuccessfully proven his points, Song is now our natural DM. his solid presence in the middle had given our back four a bit more assurance. he is like a Godfather to us now. without him, our center midfield looks broken. in the mean time, Wilshere adventure with England has given the kid something in return; he has matured a bit more and looks ready feature in every Arsenal game. his vision and precise pass had surprised many, including me. his fearless attitude has given us the edge over Wolves and with Song as his partner stayed back, looking after his back four, Jack had been able to utilize his skill to venture forward and helped his team mates to create chances. this kid is amazingly talented and deserved his place in England XI line up.

2 great goals from our hitman, Robin van Persie, kept us in 2nd in the league. late goal by RoonGoon, unfortunately had kept them apart from us by 4 points. i blamed Zabaleta for the doom. he's useless piece of metorites. i never rated him as full back and only God knows why Mark Hughes bought him in the 1st place. Nani's goal was contributed by silly mistake from Kompany. why do i bother to write this? it is because i laughed bitterly when Nani scored and realized 4 points is inevitable. manc will never be nowhere his neighbors level.

let's get on with van Persie's goals shall we?. the 1st one is my favorite. he scored it with his chocolate leg, courtesy of precise floating cross from Cesc. Persie's deadly form has hit high again, with 2 goals in this game. he has so far scored 7 goals out of ten matches. it's something isn't it?. a striker with his quality should be kept injury free in order to win important matches. CL match next week will be his stage once more. i don't doubt he will score more during the match and bring us the hope that was once lightened but had been blown away by injuries and consistencies.

as the season goes, there are 6 players that we love to keep for years. they are: Cesc, Wilshere, Song, Djourou, Nasri and Persie. these players have grown so much this season and have become our core players during tough matches. apart from Djourou, they are the ones who break solid defensive tactics and create chances. Johan Djourou had been hit with few injuries including his persistent knee problems that had him sidelined for a season. he is back with a bang and deserves to be partnered with our own Verminator next season.

we can beat barcelona and we will. the key is to be at 100% focus everytime they have the ball and break their rhythm by intercepting passes meant for Messi and Villa. isolate these two from his midfield team mates then we will do just fine. barcelona are dangerous from every corner of the field, therefore we cannot let them play the way they love to play or we will be punished.

i will post a preview before CL match and do score prediction. see you then...

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