Saturday, March 05, 2011

Live as Ramsey makes it

It's not custom for me to miss Arsenal matches but pray for me I will be having so much fun sitting on my comfortable sofa while cheering my lovely Arsenal.

I have forgotten to put Ramsey's name in my previous post. His comeback will surely be greeted with thunderous applause from the home crowd. I'm excessively happy to see him again in home game. I wish he could make it against Stoke last week; it would be a blast. Nevertheless, he is here and we should make him feels like home.

One question though, will he be on the field tomorrow?. My guess is, he will but only as cameo. He has just returned and yet to play full fledged football, so I don't think Wenger would play him as a starter. Anyway, I'm happy he is back. He is an intelligent player and I think he will only get better.

Till tomorrow Gooners...

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