Sunday, March 06, 2011

Done and Busted

it is half an hour after the game and I still cannot contain my disappointment over our bitter result. We said over and over on how important to seal the game with 3 points in order to close the gap to 1 point. Somehow, we always make things difficult for ourselves don't we?. Sunderland did wonders in first half but 2nd half was totally ours.

I'm not planning to give details on how the game was played because I'm simply not in the mood. There are 3 things to take note from today's game. They are: wrong offside call, wrong throw-in foul call, wrong decision on penalty. Key word is, wrong.

The ref is no doubt has no capability to go far with this kind of performance and it will be a surprise if Taylor ever gets a call for European matches. We have been robbed that's for sure but I WILL NOT blame it entirely to the ref. We looked sluggish in the first half despite few chances, we still didn't look convincing. We only get ourselves in the mood when Chamakh and Rosicky both replaced Denilson and Diaby respectively.

It's too late now to howl and cry. We have Barca coming up and we don't have time to sit and ponder what went wrong. The team has to pick themselves up again and show doubters they are wrong. And I hope this time I am right.

Till tomorrow..

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