Thursday, March 17, 2011

oh hello, greets from the great eisleyian :) haven't been here in a while. seems like this blog has changed its function to a Gooner's corner, not that i complain though. at least my sister is doing good job in keeping our precious blog alive. so i ditched blogger for then facebook, twitter, and tumblr came along. i only tweet nowadays no more blogs and self composed writings.

i made sacred promise with my sister that i will help her revamp this blog and remove my childish signatures. i did, and will do a lot to improve the layout. not that i'm fond of it or even familiar with this task. i will drag my fingers and stuck them on the keyboard to blog some time in the near future. blogging used to be my only way to let things go without hurting others..

ps: i think Eisley's new album 'The Valley' is addicting.

(the little one)

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