Sunday, March 20, 2011

Harder to breathe

I dragged myself slowly out of the bed this morning. Something i have not done in a while. I may not be a morning person but i never take too long to get up and get myself ready for the day.

Painful result from Arsenal gives me nothing but a pain in my heart. Perhaps you are wondering why do i get such illness that no other has experienced from a football match. We fall in love every other time and when we fall real hard it is hard to accept those red of rosses no longer blooming in our hearts. How can we obey our healthy mind to sweep aside nagging feelings to love but we have no one to love.

I wonder you might be asking yourself, why would i babble about love so early in the day. The answer is simple, i fall in love with Arsenal. Do not ask a person who is deep in love about why and how because you will never get a straight answer. I do not blame you either, if you feel i'm an insane person. For some others, love is between 2 persons who share the mutual feelings together; regardless our genders, every human being deserves to be loved and be in love, be it with the opposite sex or not. However, love can be blind sometimes and it hit me straight to the heart. My love for Arsenal is undiminished over time. Though we experience turbulence, i am unshaken and always get myself ready for Arsenal whenever they are playing. Whenever Arsenal lose, i promise myself not to watch their games again. And yet, every week i sit down on my couch and continously pouring my support to my beloved club. What is it if it is not love?.

If i found myself out of breath last night and could not set my mind in a positive way, it is because i have so much love for the club and i cannot stand Arsenal being ridiculed. It is never easy for me to get my mind and mood to be in the right places staright after a defeat. But i will always find my way when the right time comes and by the way, it's Arsenal we are talking about; we always make things harder for ourselves.

So what now?. Will i stop falling in love and look for someone else?. Heart breaking experiences can make you stronger and more determined for success in the future. Mistakes in your life are your greatest guru and will give you more than just a lecture; they teach you how not to fail for the second time. I am here to be with the club and i believe other Gooners will be too. I am no coward like some others; i am a true Gooner.

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