Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wenger says we can, but can’t we?

on his most recent post match interview, Wenger convinced journalists that his squad is ready to take challenges in premier league. he believes the defeat will make them stronger and sturdier to overcome man utd in the first spot of the league.

somehow, I don’t think it is half truth, but certainly no lies as well. we are capable of doing many things that no one could possibly think of. but at recent matches we have shown nothing but inconsistencies. we beat Leyton Orient 5-0, few days after we drew against Sunderland, then lost on two consecutive matches. why do this incurable disease seems so hard to scalp off.

I read someone’s tweet yesterday and I couldn’t agree more with him. perhaps it is the best time to promote young players and show these seniors how to play for Arsenal with passion. if we had played with 7 young players yesterday, I would probably have been a lot more happy than I am today. we had full team at our expense, minus Song, Cesc and Vermaelen, and yet we were humiliated with 2 goals without reply. how could we have done it, I was wondering the same thing yesterday.

still nothing from the Arsenal camp except Djourou fate has been sealed. he will not return with us until next season. no clear time scale has been given but for me, I think it will take 3-4 months. it could take 6 months for full recovery. does it sound bad? maybe. but our season is not determined by our injury list. we have been struggling with injuries in more years than any other older clubs every exist, so we should not be bothered with it. we have Squillaci and Miquel as our back up players so we are pretty well covered. they may not be top class center backs but we can’t do anything about it right now.

our main problem is mental strength; it has nothing to do with squad numbers. midfield is showing a great deal of breaking up. Denilson and Diaby are not up to the task while Cesc absence might put us more in threats than we usually thought. Song return could help out midfield.

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