Sunday, March 13, 2011

1,2,3,4,5 possible 6?

if you are an ardent fan of Arsenal you would guess it correctly once you read it first. I have not written anything since the champions league defeat against Barcelona. I was trying to see it from a different perspective and waiting to see some rejuvenating good news for myself and all of the fans. come to second week of March, every dream of getting quadruple at the end of the season has crashed down bitterly and left us nothing but the league title alone.

Man Utd showed us exactly how champions should take care of themselves on the field. with only Rooney and Hernandez their most deadly attackers, we were up against 7 defenders. some pundits and scores of fans thought Arsenal had it all. well, at least it lasted for several minutes before Fabio scored against us. it was a grave mistake from both Djourou and Koscielny. they failed to see threats coming from Hernandez, thus second goal was beautifully crafted against Arsenal.

were we still nursing from deep wounds due to cup exits? I have no idea, but one thing is certain: this team is yet to mature the way we had hoped them to be. Wenger is not an exclusion. his lineup was questioned again. Denilson and Diaby simply not good enough to be an Arsenal player. Diaby lost the ball too many times, causing opponent to counter us every other time.

yes, we missed few key players including Song, our reliable DM. but is it the real reason we crashed down rather significantly in the past three weeks?. if you asked Arsene Wenger, he would cheekily said yes. but this is football, a sport that requires physical presence and most of the times, players are caught in nasty tackles. injuries are bound to happen, whether we want it or not. so, what is the core of our problem? I can’t say exactly sure but some bloggers agree that our mental strength has been our weakness spot and it has not recovered this season.

we did not show the Arsenal way last night. as if the Arsenal I have known had disappeared last night and replaced by some middle school students playing their first team games. we saw plenty of running but no real penetration. this is the team with no purpose and real plan. we completely lacked of material to outrun even half-equipped man utd. there is no doubt we have so much to do to make this squad competitors to other English big teams. chelsea are the resurging warriors and assured themselves that they are champions once again. though they are sitting quite a bit far from us, we must not let our focus out of premier league title chase.

we are 3 points off league leaders, man utd, that is why winning our next match is crucial as winning the league itself. we are nursing deep wound but they must not let it get into their heads and control Arsenal. after champions league exit, FA match against man utd was they key. but now, we only have premier league in our sights, so we have to keep it close to our hearts. West Brom is next. considering our away games stat is much better than our homes, I must say we can still stand a chance to win this one too. players need to show their willingness to win the match and fight until the very last minute. mediocre teams are quite nuisance especially during dire minutes. they score important goals few minutes before final whistle. 1 goal will not be enough.

our current team is tired both mentally and physically. but no one should stop their breath now and give up. premier league is wide open. it’s ours if we want it. so we better make the most of it.

last but not least, is our dear Johan Djourou. he dislocated his shoulder 10 minutes before full minute and look serious to me. he was carried off the pitch on a stretcher with oxygen mask on him. I personally think his season is over. the thing with shoulder injury is they need a good deal of time to heal. Walcott is our clear example. his recurring shoulder pain prevented him from making a good run with us a season ago. Senderos used to suffer the same fate and look at him today. he missed a lot on his matches and paid a great deal.

enough for now. I need my own dose of life and will update if something comes up later.

keep believing, at least try….

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