Sunday, April 03, 2011

Short yet again

The match has ended for an hour now. But i only had the idea of writing some of my stupid thoughts before i risk of losing it tomorrow.

As you already know, we could not get pass sturdy rovers defence and gave up league title rather embarassingly to manure. As if by the fate written in the stars, manure came back to win their match after went down by 2 goals in the first half, while Arsenal played at home could only manage a draw. And the history writes its own fate; i mean Arsenal.

I have been criticizing Arsenal lack of winning attitude for quite some time now. And i'm getting a little bit of nudge by some fans thinking i'm not into Arsenal whenever they lose. I'm an Arsenal fan through and through. There is should not be any doubt about it. Some of you might ask, why do i go to this length and keep pressing whenever they lose. But die hard gooners should not be asking those kind of questions. I have an everlasting love for Arsenal, that's why i want to see them to be up there alongside the greats.

Regardless their disappointing results, I will always be with Arsenal. It's like what Rihanna says " if you are my favorite drug". I will never hate Arsenal. Unless they allow tot to share a stadium or training ground. I can still bear the pain, thank you. Grief, sadness, anxiety and all negative feelings will all but gone by the end of next Friday. And here i am, cheering once again for the Gunners. It's like listening to Britney's songs. You can't help but to sing along though your are in pain seeing her hurting herself like that. In the end of the day, Arsenal is the only English club i support and love. The rest are just pure entertainment to my crazy crave for football.

I will not do a review just like any other bloggers do. However, i will write some of my thoughts on Arsenal matches on my blog. Others are simply better than me on doing a review. Keep your chin up fellow Gooners and Goonerettes. We may have lost the battle but the war has not been won. I don't keep myself busy watching Arsenal to win premier league. I watch them because i am an Arsenal fan.

Later all...

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