Sunday, April 03, 2011

Messed up

I have been reading people's comments in blogs. I don't like what I read. Fans are fuming from last night's woeful result. As usual, the blame game resurfaced, once again.

Why do we keep falling and crawling while we could be flying with our wings spread broadly?. I do not know the answer. If you came here and looking for the ultimate answer from your questions, this isn't the place. I merely saying what's on my mind. I understand at some point, matches can be difficult with some of our key players occupy the treating room. I can totally tolerate the point. But what happens when you have nearly everyone back and not perform at all?. Well, that's another interesting question.

I can't remember the last time we score in the first half then win the game without conceding. Leyton perhaps? But that's not even a real football match. What's happening? No one really knows. All I know is the fact we stop playing like we used to and become a crappy club from Mars. It's not understatement, not even nearly to sarcasm; it's totally 'the Arsenal' way these days. You may disagree on that but you can't ignore our lousy, sloppy performances Arsenal are showing these days.

So what are the fans saying about yesterday's embarrassing match?. Well, first they can no longer tolerate dead wood players. Players who don't perform well this season or last, should be given the boot whether or not they are under contract. Second, acquire new, experienced and solid players and stop buying second fiddle, free, untested players. And three, this is the worst of it all; the club should have Wenger disposed by the end of season and hire new manager. Mourinho, for example. The last one was actually my bitter joke. Don't put too much on to it.

That was a recap of what I have read from Arsenal blogs. I don't see Wenger going this season and the fact that only few of them voiced it out, I still believe Le Boss will remain at his post next season. The other points though, are not out of the line; they are simply pointing out fans' request for the past 2 seasons.

And where do I stand on this matter?. Though I do not believe money can buy trophies, I do think good quality players can provide depth we have been lacking of and help the team to win matches and eventually, trophies. I simply do not tolerate big spending in one shot. But if you want a top quality frying pan you surely don't pay $1 (Rp. 8700) for it and demand 5 years warranty. There is no logic on that. Some players are overpriced, I admit it. But we can't stop the club and agency from nick few hundreds of dollars from their gold mine. The club has invested money on him so they want some dollars back at them. It's a bit complicated so I will not discuss it here.

Let's go back to it shall we?. We are craving for winners not whiners. Players who command his team mates not only verbally but in reality as well. Players who do not fear to come and make tidy challenges (tackles) and win the ball to get back us on track. Players who know how to handle pressure really well and always ready to pick up the pieces. They are hard to get; almost unlikely if I may imply but not impossible. These attributes will cost us dearly but what if investment we make, will eventually lead us to glory, no scrap it; lead us to successful seasons afterward?. Arsenal do not need 11 players. We only need to pluck in some holes in 3 areas.

Does £40m sound bizarre to you?. That's the amount Real Madrid willing to pay for Cesc; if he was offered to them of course. With that amount Wenger can buy 2 good players. A CB and a striker would do. So is £40m too big for us?. It depends on how you see it. Don't look past experiences because we never had a deal with whooping amount like that. If Wenger has never done a deal involving enormous amount, would he do so next season?. Slim chance but not impossible. Fans are no longer the patient and quiet puppy. They are now the enraged tiger.

Wenger can't afford to slip up like he usually does. Time is running out and he is wedged in between. All I want to say is, do the right thing.
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