Wednesday, May 18, 2011

4th spot is now assured, finally…

So we are now 4th. Are you happy now Mr. Wenger?. What about you, dear players?. Are you now finally, feel the our suffering this past season?. when we slipped against Blackburn, then convincing win to Blackpool, we once again managed to make everything worst for our own sake. When these players were called upon, they fell flat. Arsenal had the chance to close the gap to manutd and it had not come once. we faltered and humbled against even lower teams, such as Stoke. Who are we?.

With only one game left, manc are expected to carve their names amongst the best in Europe. Being 3rd, manc are eligible to qualify for UEFA champions league next season without having to go for play-offs. Arsenal on the other hand, have to cut their holiday short 2 weeks earlier. it is not yet confirmed for us to be 4th. If we can win the game against Fulham (i’m down on my knees praying), we still have the chance to be at 3rd. but it also depends on manc last game. I hope Bolton will do everything they can to get 3 points out of the match. But i don’t count on it.

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