Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Transfer news hinders focus

Is this true?. Or are we merely looking for different excuses to sweep the real issue under the rug?. i think some of you would agree that Cesc future has been somewhat put our season in disarray. Well, it doesn’t contribute to our horrendous performances, i agree. Other issues including Nasri and Clichy unresolved contract talks and some other players who simply do not perform this season, have intrigued more newspapers to make suggestions on who Arsenal should be signing this summer to replace those underperformed players.

i can only direct you to some of the transfer news and i must tell you that they are not all reliable. This morning, Guardian ran the story of Arshavin leaving Arsenal after spending 2 and half seasons in premier league. I do not know how to make of this news. @thegoonblog has tweeted something interesting yesterday. If you want to know what was all about, just head to twitter and find your way there. It appears Chelsea are interested on signing Arshavin. i simply don’t think it will happen anyway. He has 2 years left in his contract, and i think he will honor it. He may have fallen short in recent months, but his experience and skill can help Arsenal during dying minutes.

We all now know that Scott Parker had won football of the year in Football Writer’s Association event last week. According to several newspapers, including The Independent Scott Parker is now wanted by Le Boss to fix his midfield issues. Some fans agued, including myself, Song is not yet ready to play 90 minutes of football for the whole season without clear competition for someone who is capable to replace him permanently. in short, Song is not reliable. When he plays his heart out, the team seems run in balance and capable of beating even the world’s best. But if he is not, well you figure it our yourself.

Another story that comes around often these past days is the possibility of Eden Hazard comes to Arsenal. He confessed, rather oddly, to media at the end of season, he wouldn’t mind to switch to other club. he has been scouting by number of big clubs in Europe and Arsenal are one of them and so they said. He is rather young for our ‘requirement’ isn’t he?. i know Wenger is keen to inject some youth to our squad, but after such abysmal season, i don’t think he will gamble on him. as much as talented Hazard is, another youngster is the last thing what we need. besides we have Vela and Nasri who will be easily slotting in to his position.

Gunnersphere has a rather interesting story on Real Madrid-reject Karim Benzema. The players is not considering to leave, but according to reports Mou is not happy and might ask him to find other club this summer. The asking price is 25m Poundsterling. Should we snap him up?. I somehow do not believe he will play for any premier league club any time soon. And if he does leave, i only have destination in mind: Chelsea. Manc might tempt to sign him but Roman will not get beaten this time. He’s a fan of Benzema and will try to sign him if he is free to talk to clubs.

I think that’s all i have now. I will not write transfer rumors/gossips/reports in this blog. I’m sure @thegoonblog will have it covered nicely for the rest of summer window. I will try to write it here though, only if those stories are worth to write.


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