Thursday, May 05, 2011

Last 3 games + Vermaelen is back

I confess my sin for not keeping this blog alive as my intention then. Will you Master of Football and its fellowship pardon my disgraceful manner and will allow me to deal with my own incompetence in private? "Yes" came the answer. Why do i tolerate myself with such lunacy?.

Anyway, lets get back to business. I have not been able to write consistently for the past weeks and i feel terrible about it. There were high and low moments in which i could take a lot of it as blessing in disguised. Bitter draw against Liverpool and lastly, our glorious win to stop manutd from winning its 19 (if i'm not mistaken) PL trophy. What can i say? Arsenal is bound to make your heart goes up and down. Every match gives us quite the same notion since the beginning of the season. We start brightly and dominate the game but only to allow opponents to take advantage of our naivete and win the match. That hurts isn't it?.

Then came along the big match which also supposed to be our title decider, and changed the flow of PL remaining games. If Arsenal had been defeated, manutd could have as well lifted the trophy at the Emirates and brought home their egos with them. I will not go back to why we are now on 3rd instead of going head to head with mancs and why did we allow chavs intercept our chances to win it. It will only waste my precious time.

Some pundits had already given a win to manure even before the game started. Of course, it was their jobs anyway to predict results. Apparently, it was entirely different than most of them had predicted. Ramsey, who had such horrific injury needed 14 months to play again at his best level. He replaced Cesc who was out injured. And boy, how he responded. He scored the only goal in the game which also sealed Arsenal win against mancs in extravagant manner. The way we played sent manure packing.

We still have another 3 games to play and we have nothing to lose. Our main goal is now to restore our pride by retaining 2nd place from chavs. No more big teams in our fixture but this is when things get complicated. We fare quite poorly against mid an low table teams this season. They make it hard to beat at times and we complicate even more by not going into the game with the right attitude. Complacency gives Arsenal hard time indeed. But we still can perform brilliantly if we are no longer in title hunt, therefore 3 wins are not so impossible are they?. Anyone can be PL champions now if both league leaders and 2nd place team collapsed at their last games. Far fetch theory, but i don't mind hold on to it though.

Good news everyone, Verminator is back. He completed his 90mins game with reserve team and earned him a medical certificate for having passed rigourous examinations by the club medical team and he is now ready to kick some Stoke-eyish. Just kidding. his addition is massive boost for Arsene. He has lost Djourou through knee injury on Sunday and he will likely to miss visit to Britannia Stadium. I think Vermaelen comeback is very much welcomed. Having Squillaci as first option is like handing Almunia the no. 1 shirt. Will AW risk Vermaelen by the way? I don't know. But i think he will start him against Stoke. We only have 3 games left, so i can't imagine Wenger being too cautious on him. I want to see him play to be honest. He might be a bit short but he can only recover his loss by playing matches. If Wenger opt for Squilaci, then he might be coming back against Fulham. Either way, it's nice to see him again.

By the way, @thegoonblog suggests Neil Banfield as new assistant manager next season. There are also names such as Grimandi and Bould. But Banfield is a popular figure in the team so he might be the favorite. Read it at the if you like more details.

Later Gooners...

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