Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here we go again

North London derby showed us how our current players fare against our fierce city rivals. We didn't perform the way Arsenal should have done. 3 points wasted away and now we are fallen from grace to 3rd place. The battle for 1st place is now turned into surviving as runner ups. Shame shame shame.

These players don't cut it as champions. We can't rely on them playing 30something premier league games with their best efforts. I don't usually lash on Wenger and his decisions, but this time it will be a different one. He must forget his philosophy of making young Arsenal team win all titles in a season and should start making real winners out of passion, desire to win trophies.

We need balance in the team and Wenger hasn't provided it this season. Players who don't perform up to the desired level must not be given another chance and forced to look somewhere else. I may sound harsh to you but if you look at the way we handle ourselves in the past 6 years, then you will completely understand my points. I'm sorry to say but Rosicky, Denilson, Eboue, Almunia and Diaby are not showing signs of recovering their best form and now stay in the team based on Wenger's mercy. Another salt in the wound but I'm sure a lot of fans will agree with me that in order for Arsenal to be champions, we need to start building up tough, effective team that will break down opponent's defence and not some weak players toying around penalty box clueless what to do.

I rarely write something as harsh as it is but I have had enough of being the club with the most draw among top 3 of the season. Wenger may label us as 'unbeatable' but anyone who has been watching our games since early March, will most probably laugh at his point of view. We want titles and I think it's fair for us, fans, to crave more than just champions league qualification.

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