Thursday, August 31, 2006

i almost cried..when i knew the truth about my friend ohhmmyygoosshh what the hell happened??did i miss sumthin? we hvn't met each other for like 3 years, suddenly i found out sumthin and it's not right. it hurts me a lot although we had looaadds of disaggreements when we were younger, i never thought that person would do sumthin like that. i remember even though we were far away separated by ocean *haha* we'd text each other just to say hi. and now after so many years i found out sumthin that's just too painful for me to bear..oh god why is this happening rite now. it's hard for me to digest..all the words and the truth about that person just make me sick. that person was always there for me, sweet, generous, and loving. we had a beautiful journey as friends and to be honest i don't wanna know the whole story for me it's unbearable. i remember 2 weeks a go i wonder what happend to my friend and when will i see that person again coz i miss the way we share stories. and now i'm still shaking coz i never thought this will ever happen to one of my buddies. i still remember all the happy and sad memories we had. it's hard for me to understand..what the hell happened????

you were one of the so many reasons that made me feel much better about that incident and to see your condition rite now i hope Allah will give his blessings and forgive your sins

i wish i didn't know..i don't wanna know

reyshafabrista *the lil one* (----- crying

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