Sunday, August 27, 2006

okay, now its decided. Man C won last night game but this is certainly not the end of the world. Arsenal still can move on and continue rebuilding their strength as what they did last season. Last season they lost the great captain Patrick Vieira and we can expect Arsenal lose their best leftback and winger to another clubs. despite my grudge against Wenger i can safely assured that he is the best manager, at this moment, to coach Arsenal. however, i still desperate to see some new and experienced players to arrive in London. transfer market closes by the end of this month and it seems Wenger insists they dont need any new players...WHAT??? is he blind? (pardon my languange). come on admit it Sir, ARSENAL do need players who are capable lead the team. no disrespect to Henry, hes done great job last season, but hes not a santa claus (i disbelief his existance but i wrote as an example) who can grant wishes and makes everything possible. plus, can someone knock wenger out off his seat.... its not ok to lose ashley cole and jose reyes to another clubs! look what happened when they lost vieira and almost dropped to 5th place! it was ridiculous. whatever happened last night shouldnt happen in the future so they wont lose the race against Man U. get up gunners! you can still chase them.

okay okay this is big.....La Liga started yesterday! well well not a single person can predict anything from football. who would expect Barca lost to SEVILLA? i dont know what should i do...laughing rolling on the floor? or screaming out loud? i didnt mean to be mean but i think they deserved the lost as much as they deserved the titles last season. but the winnings made them even 'bigger'. said things that werent supposed to say, on how they could defeat any teams ever exist in this world. hey! i know they have ronaldinho, messi, deco, etc. but remember they are mortals...look what happened to chelsea last wednesday? they lost to boro. as i have expected, barca finally meet their match which is themselves or their ego to be more precise. let see what will happen this week and find out the results so maybe....maybe to predict what lays ahead. but then again, who can predict?


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