Monday, August 21, 2006

u'll only realize something is missing when it vanishes from ur sight, hey! thats why we call it missing. i dont usually let my emotions run through my brain but there are times when i cant handle my mouth from cursing coz its the way it should be. i hate of my cursing habit but i just cant stop it esp when someone or something doesnt feel right and today was no different. i love my comp so much coz it supports my life, kinda my sidekick. so when it brokedown i swear i could smash things around me....scary but thats true. esp when i had to 'recover' to the basic setting coz of some shits happened but i really i hope it wont happen again. i have my stuff inside my comp and i hate to lose it esp pics of gorgeous ppl...hehe..

two of my...i can say good friends... had left to US. its really sad to see them leave but when theres a hello theres a goodbye so what can i do?. sick! why do they have to leave? a friend of mine had left years earlier and i hate it. theres a slim chance i'll be seeing them again since i most probably wont be in malaysia in 3 yrs time. i despise goodbyes, i know its natural cycle of life but why? i guess only God can answer my question precisely. my friends have done so much for me and i haven had the chance to repay them. guys! i am sorry and i hope ur doin fine there and having great time as i am today. i really hope we can see each other again in happier times of course but i'll see u again no matter wht. i wont forget wht u guys have done for words can xplain how sad i am seeing u guys leave........take care guys.........we'll meet..........


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