Monday, August 28, 2006

Real Madrids 1st game finally over and ended in a bitter way. i think madridistas deserved a better play from the team coz they have patiently waited for the past 3yrs but none of it came at the right time. i feel their dissapointment as a 'normal' issue, therefore they have all the rights to complain or feel upset about it. but we do have to realize that Real Madrid havent had a proper Manager and tactic from previous managers. i totally disagree if someone attacks me as im not disrespect to Capellos predecessor coz i am proud of what they have done in the past. however, i have to admit changing both tactics and managers werent easy for them esp for regular players. look at other clubs who have attained success so far, i noticed they have no intention to leave their managers behind. for example, alex ferguson has been Man u manager for more than 20 yrs and still continuing; and no matter how many players he signs every year, those players have no difficulties to adapt. if (i said if) Real madrid should fail their 1st 5 games, Capello should not be sacked or warned against. because this team need proper training and by replacing one manager to another would endanger Real achievement in the future. maybe what we (madridistas) should do is to be patient and let Capello do his job. and whistling isnt helping everyone! lets face it...our team need time and im sure they will get up and ready for challenges. but for now we should stick by their side and dish out all rubbish from newspapers. whatever happen i wont leave my favorite clubs incl. Real madrid and no matter what people say....we can always achieve something, God willing sis and i have been enjoying cooking! well this is certainly the most awkward moment bcoz we used to hate anything that say 'cooking'. our mom did (still does) almost the whole thing but as we grew up we understand on how important it is to learn something that we all girls should know which is cooking. we tried some recipes and they worked! but we still need advice though wish mom were here and helped us out. i love making choc mousse and potato pie coz they are currently my fav 'menu'. last night my sis made brownies and the result was fantastic. im glad for her coz she used to be so 'untidy' on making any dish, but time flies and now shes good. i cant wait to go to supermarket and grab ingredients we need to have another try on other recipes.......good luck to us


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