Thursday, August 17, 2006

salute to Indonesia! medeka! its been 61 yrs and i really hope we can continue progressing to become one of the best countries in the world (i keep my fingers crossed)--

ok ok...this is great! England won their friendly game against Greece by 4-0! but i still have doubts whether they can qualify for the final in EURO 08 (not only qualifying for the tournament but also to win the trophy) coz the way Greece played last night was pretty unconvincing; they were only the shadow of themselves. there are much more need to be done to make England no 1 team in the world; for example, Stew-G shouldnt have played in the right side coz at times he looked pretty shaky of his new role, i'd prefer Lennon to stick in tht position (besides Mr. Beck). i hope Mike-O will be fit by the time EURO 08 starts coz Crou-ch seems distracting most of the times. he did score 2 goals last night but the goals seem pretty easy and not a world class strike. Defoe has done a good job replacing Rooney who had troubles with the officials recently and probably at this moment is sitting down and counting his red card collections (hehe). no matter what they say about Rooney, i still think hes the best player England ever have. England need to work harder in order to win 'something' its bcoz wht we have seen in the past where they have won friendship games and 'die' on the field as soon as they reach a tournament. well, nothing much can be said at this moment we will have to wait and see to measure 'new formula' of Ste-C to work in its way


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