Wednesday, September 06, 2006

1. How do you think yourself as a person?
- i'm a good person..i can tell u that haha spoil-brat, likes to cook, kind-hearted, lovely, chatter-box,

2. Who is the latest person that broke your heart?
- not exactly broke my heart..i dun noe which one coz i've been hurt by so many ppl

3. What kind of music that suits you the most?
- i like many kind of music i dun exactly categorized 'em

4. What are you most likely to complain about?
- when my siblings didn't listen to what i've said, when the kitchen is dirty, i'm not sooo fussy bout things i prefer to work alone than hv ppl just to mess with me

5. Pick five words to describe yourself?
- simple, complicated *feelings, fussy *bout certain things, easily give in, LOVEABLE!!
6. What is your greatest fear at the moment?

- my visa, and one more thing!!

7. What song are you listening to now?
- no tomorrow by ORSON

8. What are you planning to do in the next three years?
- i don't really plan i let god decide what's best for me

9. When did the last time you feel lonely and why?
- alhamdulillah, i hv beautiful famz, great supporters and my faith in Him i dun feel lonely anymore

10. Are you missing someone?
- ndandandanda!!!papitooooo...and that special look i hvn't been able to see!!hwaaa

11. Do you think that people around you really know what you're about?
- yes..i only hv few ppl around me but they know me best

12. What is it that they don't know about you?
- a secret passage to my past and the key is inside my heart

13. Do you fall in love or get lust easily?
- no maybe i like ppl easily but it doesn't mean i gv my heart effortlessly

14. have any crush right now?
- hmm yess not only crush

15. What do you hate most about watching TV nowadays?
- most of my fav serial hv ended their seasons and i just can't wait to watch 'em this fall

16. Are you a family person?
- definitely nothing is more important than my famz..they're the pieces of me that made me feel whole all the time

17. Who is your hero?
- my momma and dadda

18. Name three people who are the closest to you right now?
- my sist, my momma, gege

19. What's your best friend like?
- they're the bestest girlfriends anyone could ever ask

20. Is love a complicated issue in your life?
- it's always been i guess

21. Who do you trust the most in life?

- beside God, my famz, and my loved ones

22. What's your recent sex fantasy like?
- m not gonna tell u it's a fantasy

23. How do you see yourself in the next 6 months?
- hopefully m going to be a better child, sister, friend, lover, and a better person with strong pesonality

24. Do you believe in zodiac sign and astrology?
- dun really read em

25. Can you see yourself living a marriage life?
- why not?but not now

reyshafabrista *the cute lil baby sist*

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Edward Ott said...

after reading this i feel like i know you:)