Monday, September 11, 2006

EVERTON VS LIVERPOOL..hmm i'm happier than ever, everton successfully beaten liverpool although liverpool had stew-g, crouch *the useless striker*, pennant, kuyt *he had a great performance though*, alonso, luis garcia *si tante*, and fabulous fabio aurelio *he looks hot!!*, and guess what PEPE REINA the number one gk made the biggest headline of all haha. it was one of the best games in the premiership this year. i loovvvveee it!! andy johnson is going to be one of the best strikers england ever have *as long as he's not going to be brainwashed like the other players at england squad* goalscorers: cahil, johnson, johnson *the last goal was the best of all it shud be the best goal of the game*

ARSENAL VS MIDDLESBROUGH..huhuhu i'm still crying over the result so sad. but maybe they still have to find the right rhythm. i'm glad baptista and gallas joined arsenal coz i think they're great additions to the current squad. the season is still long but i'm dissapointed for the first three games. i still have faith for them huhuhu c'mon gunners show them the real gunners. pheeww this season is going to be tougher than ever after last week game, arsenal are going to face hamburg in germany after that MAN UTD are waiting the gunners to make our life more miserable. hixhixhix


ok i thought newcastle are going to beat fulham coz they were playing at home ground. but unfortunately the were beaten by fulham (1-2). they even scored first. huhu so saaaaadd they really need some emergency help!! poor emre, duff, owen, and parker. they really need gk, given is such a waste poor newcatle don't get me wrong i still love to watch the stars but with ameobi as cf i dun think they're going anywhere. maybe some magic touch by the manager will help!!


top game!!whut more can i say, they are back on track and they're sharper than their last few games. i think they deserved to be called the best players because they're very fit, strong, and very sharp. but they also have to fix lil probs *here and there* to be invincible like they used to be. i believe they can beat barca *who said they can't?* for the fans..just be patient there are much more to come and they're going to play as a team of friends *that's what really counts*.the arrival of 5 stars players :canna, emerson, ruudtje, diarra, and reyes just make los blancos much more interested to watch not that old lame game with boring strategy. at least they're building something inside their heart *which is confidence* and inside the squad *which is the new formula*. congrats capello..we're waiting for the formula to works with them. all the best!!

L.O.V.E is in the air..i can smell em

*reysha fabrista the bossy daughter and the pinky princess*

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