Monday, September 04, 2006

last night Brazil beat Argentina with 3 to 0! this is sumthin different from WC 06. the team more dynamic and certainly better than their previous games. but Dunga should consider adding more strength to the team. yes, its true young players promise so much last night but in international level they need more experienced players that can balance the team. im not sure what happened to Argentina coz they werent themselves or was it Brazil were the better team. well, it could be both, i think most brazilians are pleased with the result and the players involved. as usual, kaka played his game extremely well and deserved his goal. his run as well as his technique drove the crowd crazy. Brazil are blessed to have players such as his and ronaldo. i think the only country that never ever lose his grip is Brazil who produce tons of talents each year. we all know the legendary bebeto, rivaldo, romario the list is endless. congrats to them! they deserve the win.

*sigh* K-FED new video is out and what do i think? SUQS 100%! how can he say hes as a superstar? when no one recognizes him b4 marrying britney (shocking the world, i guess its britneys hobby to create controversies). he really knows how to befriend or rather uses brit status as a celeb, dont mention all the dime she spent for him all this while just to get him famous. a fortnight ago he was caught hanging out with brody jenner (son of the famous producer/writer david foster), and i think its not for business. well, at least hes doing 'somethin' rather than party hard with his 'collegues'.

now lets talk bout football. this week leagues will roll more action once more as international matches finally over (some results are spectacular) and giving way to clubs to show their true colors. this time around some clubs need to strengthen their positions coz their last results were poor and discouraging. if they are not smooth things up, they wont keep up with current leaders. its premature to say who will win titles but theres no time for rest as underdogs keep their sight in championship titles. so watch out big guns! theres no time for errors. cant wait to watch this weeks games, im sure itll be another great weekend (i really do hope so). more power to my clubs and to my 'sweethearts'.....


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