Monday, September 11, 2006

im just curious whether im strong enough to go for another 5 miles. im tired and my legs are dead, i can barely walk but my thoughts are with you. im goin' through rough paths just for you and i hope you understand this....i have a feeling for you and its no joke. i hope you dont mind me thinking of you every night before i rest my soul. though you might not notice me, i know who you are and i'll be more than fortunate to have you as my love life. i understand you do not want me but can i touch you from afar? i can barely breathe looking at your eyes coz you have such mesmerizing eyes that caught me at that time. i saw you passing by on the street and something has controlled over me, i couldnt resist. you overpowered my strength and burned down my guard instantly. how i wish had the courage to touch and hold you but none of them made you mine. your legs led you to someone near the the stop and they didnt stop there. you circled that 'someone' until you had nothing left in your soul. my wall crushing down to pieces but i had no other choice but to follow the lead. few months, still not finding way to touch but i can sense you around me coz im fated to be with you although we may not fit to be together. but my hopes are high. i will not stop caring for you its okay if you dont catch my humble greetings but as long as i can catch a glimpse of you everyday i'll have nothing to complain. coz you are my earth & sun....i love you

dedicated to all who had their love being subdued by other 'elements'

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