Friday, September 01, 2006

well well i dont know where to start coz this isnt easy for me. honestly, throughout time i have grown so much without i realized it. i cant pinpoint what sort of negative behavior i have successfully 'adjusted'. but at times i do realize they arent there anymore though they can shock me by popping out now and then. i am is what i am nobody can change me without my consent (of course) but i guess it happens all the time to everybody. every person in this world has been gifted with unique personality and we should be grateful coz we are different and nobody can steal your character. we should not, not even once, to try compare ourselves to anybody in particular. we also need not to overrate ourselves as it would bring bad influence to our body and soul.

i know a person who sees herself as strong and intelligent even though she realizes there are things she overlook but she feels ok about it and thinks its just part of her life that nobody should pay attention to. BUT i think i do deserve to comment since i know her a lil bit. she thinks she knows what is goin' on and able to handle them but true to say, she doesnt even notice being fooled by her own sight and feelings. every single person (well most of them) on earth have experienced rejection and bitter ending. but ppl have different ways on how to manage their own issues. some of them cry out loud and some even try to commit suicide just to let go their pains. but are we happy about it? are we satisfy with the way we handle those problems? well i bet most of them will answer, NO. thats why God gives us ppl we call friends, family, partners to help us go through miserable moments. whenever we need them, they will always be there (it depends anyway on how close are we to them, if we acting jerk all this while most prob nobody notice us even if we standing in front of them) and assist us no matter how tough it is to be us again. i know how tough life can be coz im goin' through rough path for the past 2 yrs. i didnt tell this to other ppl coz they will only laugh at me coz i cant stand the mockings, never again. i used to complain on how unfair life is. life is unfair....accept the fact! can we move on?....we need to survive in order to stay alive and safe from those 'beasts' outside. we have to be tough coz time wont stop just to see us back on our feet again and feel well. the most important thing is we have to keep our mind open to some circumstances that we may not even realize its there to haunt us. there are lessons to learn in each incidents even though we might dislike the outcome but we just need to accept it and let go. whatever happens, we must believe in God who will lead us to a better way and we should not doubt His judgement coz He's the one who knows. i learned this very hard and quite straight forward. my life hasnt been the same and honestly, i never once in my life ever thought i could be in this position. but i do realize that this is God's work and i am grateful He's there for me no matter how bad i am. we have to accept the fact there are things we cant handle and fall apart instantly. some things arent meant to be fixed and we need to get up and go without looking back. if uphill is the only way to get there, we have no options; what we need to do is to keep vigilant so not to lose control. once we are swirled away, we might not find our way back and in the end we will lose every crucial moment .

Cuz I can't turn to you when it all falls apart


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