Monday, October 23, 2006

Real won!!! its not just 1-0 but its 2-0! its a different team from last weeks game against getafe. they controlled the game well and able to pressured the catalan side till the final whistle. barca responded well by gave several chances on casillas goal but they never meant to be. i say the defence line has improved by 50%, comparing to 30% last week. they fought hard and finally realized that they are strong than they thought theyd be. the first half was a total fun to watch, Real took control in just 2 mins with raul shocking header. sergio ramos cleverly put inside a perfect cross from right side and raul, whos form isnt questionable at time being, slotted it in for Real to lead 1-0. there were bumpy roads afterward and Real managed to escape an equaliser from messi and gudjhonsen. anyway, second half was even more pressuring for the home side having messi running around the field like he belonged there. i enjoy barcas counterattacks, unfortunately, they love to playing pretence or i should say a play in broadway. they came down very easily and sometimes even on slightest contact thats pretty unfair. the referee booked 4 Reals players incl. beck which is sadly coz of little contact. i was expecting a substitution in the 2nd half but it was a false hope, emerson still playing with a yellow card in his pocket, and i was wondering why capello insisted playing him even though his dangerous play still a threat for another yellow. i think as a whole, the team performed a lot better esp in the back. raul and ruudtje deserved their goals coz of their effortless style of play. they should have had 2 more goals each after the post denied their effort and came empty handed. good for them though, that is to prove the critics wrong and they are ready for another battle.

unfortunately for beck is the fact that he wont be playing a bigger role next match considering gutis substitution in the 85 min. he only had the chance to play for barely 10 mins and its not enough for him. he needed more time to play coz hes 31 and clock is ticking for him. i think hes already find options elsewhere and ready to leave Real in no time considering his low flight hours in Real recently. there were rumours 4 or 5 months ago talking about transtition in Real Madrid. those rumours incl. whether capello would suggest a contract extension for beck coz his style of play doesnt suit capello. but beck insisted he would stand by at Reals side no matter what happen. i was concern about this issue and worried that beck wouldnt be able to play 90 mins for Real after capellos took over from lopez caro. and my concerns were quickly dissolved after capellos convincing interview bout becks future in Real and he assured ppl that he wanted beck to stay and ordered midjatovic to 'pressure' beck sign a contract extension that will make him stay to 2009. however, recent situation in Reals camp proved otherwise. beck became an unknown figure in Reals future. his involvement on the pitch has gradually subdued as well as his off the pitch activities. i personally think, that itd be wise to have an interview with him to clear up rumours surrounding his future but it seems this issue doesnt bother Real a bit. i know at this moment win titles is the main objective and no players are above the team. but isnt it ridiculous to treat their goldmine like they do to beck? after what he did for the team both off and on the pitch?. i kinda agree what ppl say that Real are only take advantage of his fame and gain more popularity in other countries by displaying beck as their player and ditch him after they success of hitting US. i still think beck has a lot to offer to both his team and country even though hes already 31. its painful for him to see his side leading 2-0 with him on the bench and couldnt do nothing about it. he still has a desire to play for Real till he decides to retire but if this situation continues he wont be signing any contract extensions. his interview clearly shows his dissapointment. he says "I feel frustrated as a footballer. I go over it again and again and can't find an explanation," Beckham said. "Sometimes you can't explain things, but you have to accept them. The only thing I can do is play well. It's really hard when I don't play.
"Being part of a team is important and I'm not a jealous person – never – because I understand that above all comes Real Madrid. But I love my profession and I always want to play; that's why I feel unhappy," "Two years on the bench would be very hard," Beckham admitted.

i can sense his dissapointment but he refuses to give up and continue to fight for his place even though chances are slim at the time being. theres a slight hint there, that he might not extend his contract after all. hopefully, he will sort out his problems soon and come back as a player we once knew. but if he decides to stay i'll support him throughout the way but he wants to leave i wont mind either but i feel sad coz i wont be seeing him in action, US league ( if he decides to move to the states) isnt aired in Asia, i doubt in any other place as well. above all we, the fans, want the best for him. whenever he goes, we will support you BECK! goodluck to you......

sadly Vic isnt playing for another 2-3 weeks..hiks hiks.....


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