Thursday, October 19, 2006

how am i goin to face you today? i am not worth your love. i know its too late to say such thing like this but i do not have any choice but to come clean. several weeks passed without any solution and my hope is getting thinner to find you. i know ill find you no matter where you are coz we are meant to be, arent we?. we had our misunderstanding before and unlike other people, we solved it just fine. however, you acted strange rencently and i know why. here i am today with my knees bent before you to seek forgiveness. i admit my mistakes but it wasnt an act of negligence coz we were in the same wavelength and couldnt resist the temptation. i wish i could stop myself from dragging my legs to his place but what could i do? im a human and i was hurt back then and no one offered me a shelter. and then he came completely out of the blue to balance my life. we had argued bout the same thing and never completely fish it out of our life, but what could we do? we hardly had a chance to ovecome that issue. my saviour, pls do not hate me coz i love you still. here i am, standing over you to propose a silent pardon over my ridiculous act over the past weeks. have i told you that id find you? and indeed thats what i did. i was surprised to see you like this, cold and solitude. but i am here with you and no one shall ever intrude us my love coz we'll always be together no matter where we are. i am up here and you are deep below the surface. looks like rain is goin to wash away our pain and bury it underground. i have in my hand a beautiful bucket of roses, they are so lovely and will shower your tomb with Gods gracious. i will be here forever.....

*a good story for everybody*


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