Friday, October 20, 2006

i'm entering the legal world next year. goodbye teenage life and goodbye to my past. my mom got hitched when she was 21..unbelievable but that's the truth. she was ready to be commited. but i'm not! so for those ppl out there wondering when i'll get hitched the answer is SOMEDAY BUT NOT TODAY OR TOMORROW. for me mariage is not only about you and your future hubby but also accepting his past, behaviour, FAMILY, and to be able to sacrifice. would you want to forgive him if he slept with someone else? if your answer is no maybe you'd want to reconsider your planning in getting married. i think it's part of the human being. either it's the woman or the man. it's not that i agreed the concept of being unfaithful but in marriage it's a different situation. you have to have a very big-big heart to be a wife for someone and a mother to your children. and of course you've to be able to accept someone the way he is and being able to forgive him when you feel like you want to choke him. haha having children is another complicated thing. for me i think it's a lifetime commitment, from 0 year-when he/she got hitched. what if he/she got divorced and decided to live a life in your house? and you've to take care his/her children *duh* when you want to spend your little time with a smile on your face.
OMG! i'm so not ready to get hitched..the commitment itself makes me want to choke myself.i'm not afraid to be single *unlike most ppl* coz i think it's the best way to know myself and what i want, plus i can have a great time with my loved ones. it's funny.. i dun hv the pressure to hv someone to go home to. i hv priorities in my life and getting married isn't on top of my list unless i meet the right person and he can assure me that living with him would not make me kill myself hehe just kidding.
Maybe when i get married someday, i'll be ready. i hope that's the very best time and all of my loved ones be there with me giving me their blessings. well i guess marriage life isn't all about lovey-dovey like on screen. but it's also about loads of things. i've met few people who changed the whole concept of marriage inside of me. i used to think that being with someone is automatically planning a future with that person. few years passed my ways of thinking changed, and it's so complicated for me to explain but the truth is marriage is also about responsibility! don't be hasty please think it over is he the one? is he worth your heart and soul? will his family accept you? and don't ever think of running away with your bf will solve things believe me, it's never gonna work. no matter what happens family first, lover comes after family.
please do remember life is bittersweet and so marriage is. life is about balance so marriage is. you complete him and he completes you..that's marriage is about. *being selfish isn't included*
nb:i'm happily in love but that doesn't mean i'm gonna get hitched soon

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