Saturday, October 14, 2006

im glad capello back beck to stay at Real Madrid and continue fight for a place in his team wihtout giving up his social life. capello once said, football changing every now and then; marketing wasnt as important as it is today. every clubs try their best to uplift their wealth by promoting their players in order to boost the clubs financial ability. Real Madrid need beck both on and off the pitch, nobody doubts it. now even brits moaning over ste-c decision to left beck aside for england. how disgusting is that? i remember several months ago ppl threatning sven to drop beck fortunately he ignored all those voices and insisted beck was, still is, essential to team. well, he was right soon beck sent england through to quarterfinals but they were unlucky and sent packing by portuguese side. but beck wasnt on the pitch due to injuries he suffered from the first half and had to be substituted halfway through. again, the press and ppl mulling over the early exit and kept blaming dave b for their failure. what they expect? hes not a superman and stop blaming him for all england failures. what happened with so called best midfielders such as lamps and stew-g? they didint perform well as ppl expected them to. enough is enough beck must bury his desire to play for england for the last time coz he wont be given a chance as long as ste-c in charge. ste-c is now busying himself looking at youth potential from england U-21. ho ho what hes trying to do? as far as i remembered he was the one who ditched walcott from senior side claiming hes not ready for such competition. really? i think hes ready after all. he needs a bit of flight hours before becoming england next hit man. he can partner rooney or owen, whichever is available, and flourish.

beck is getting strong

i noticed how 'soft' mentality of england players after watching an intreview of their infamous goalkeeper paul robinson. he said he was upset by ppls comments on his ugly kick. well, mr robinson you have to realize you are now play for the most critical fans in the world, which is england. and you arent the first player to receive such treatment, many of former england players esp dave b who had been in similiar situation when he was sent off on WC 98 hadnt given a single moaning stories bout his puppet acts during WCs. you just have to accept that you need to gather your mind and win something for england, and not crying over your unfortunate events.

note: itching to see owen in action for england coz im tired seeing crouch-y silly kicks.....


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