Saturday, October 14, 2006

well well whatta jerk, nicky has been the most 'chatty' guy ive ever met. he decides the world should know what had happened between him and his ex-wife jessica simpsons. he was the first came out with statements about how sad he was and everythings wasnt goin as he planned. tsk tsk it seems silence isnt golden for him. and now hes out with minillo? well it seems he isnt sad after all. unfortunately for jess, the guys she tried dated with were a bit over exposed and nothing went right for them. but im glad she parted ways with john meyer coz hes such a badass. she doesnt want you myer (or was it meyer? whatever), she might need time for herself and forget bout guys for some time. i hope everything goes well for her as ashlee is doin ga ga for her theater role. i heard she receives positive compliments from ppl, you go girl (but i still gigling over her current boyf, whatta couple *sigh*).


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