Friday, October 20, 2006

Real will face barca this weekend and i am deeply concern with Reals defence, they mostly do a lot better when they are in champs league. they have not-so-good record in la liga and hopefully they can demonstrate somethin for their fans. id love to see beck play aganst barca but i know its unlikely to happen since robinho picking up a good sign to steal becks presence on the field. prior to his fine display dave b replaced by reyes (booo) and this week most probably will be robinho to replace him. poor baby, hes 31 and soon to be a retired player and if hes not getting a proper position in the 1st team he will be out of form forever. seeking other options is not a sin and he should start considering a better solution elsewhere. he can stay but might not get his chance to shine once more and be the david beckham we love coz he loses his grip in the starting XI. anyway, spain isnt the only main focus this weekend.

clash of titans will as well land in the most famous football league on earth. Man U vs Liverpool! how on earth will ppl take that? a good weekend for me of course, another reason to stay at home. i dislike how ferguson handle his players esp his scandal with beck and ruudtje. but i must admit that his side has been tremendous this opening season and it will be hard for liverpool to overcome the pressure playing at old trafford. liverpool dont play well in away games and lost to i dunno how many games, but surely they can challenge cant they?. no one would ever consider arsenal as a contender for chelsea or Man u but they won last match with MU. i say' anything can happen in football'....we'll see and whoever wins they will get the headlines. im positive there are going to be lots of controversies surrounding these two matches, and i hope i wont be the one who cries out loud and bang my head on the floor or even worse, flying off the balcony. God pls be with us.......i miss you babe i hope youll be there.....pleeeaaaseeee


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